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About Us

Since 1989, Affordable Hearing Aid Center has been improving the hearing aid buying experience by providing world class hearing aid brands at the best prices delivered by a highly qualified hearing health care professional.

Affordable Hearing Aid Center

Affordable Hearing Aid Center has helped hundreds of individuals with hearing loss by making it as easy, convenient, and economical as possible to purchase hearing instruments. Affordable Hearing Aid Center is one of the largest and fastest growing “Factory Direct” hearing aid providers in Oklahoma. With no middleman or commissioned salespeople to pay, we pass the savings on to our patients.

Let Affordable Hearing Aid Center be your Guide

With so many choices, patients are sometimes overwhelmed.

  • How can Affordable Hearing Aid Center sell the same hearing aid as other providers but for so much less?
  • Which hearing aids are best for my situation?
  • What is the process when I order hearing instruments from Affordable Hearing Aid Center?
  • Why order from Affordable Hearing Aid Center?
  • Can I talk with an on-staff professional if I have questions?
  • What if I am not pleased?

Affordable Hearing Aid Center has the answers to these questions and more. Our licensed hearing aid professional will provide you with guidance on hearing instrument selection. We encourage you to call us today at 918-622-2773 (in the Tulsa area) or toll free at 1-866-401-0038 for a free phone consultation. Our commitment, coupled with the highest quality customer service and volume pricing discounts, make Affordable Hearing Aid Center the smart choice when shopping for your hearing aids. All makes and models are available.

Guaranteed Lowest Price!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!